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Why us a Freelancer?

We are a powerful resource, that can be parachuted in with the skills you need. Our clients rely on us to reduce pressure on themselves and their teams by providing on-demand talent for key projects. Saving money, time and resources.

Why us a Consultant?

We are entirely independent, offering an uncompromised approach to your project. Our skills and experience, enable us to guide you to the best solution for your needs within the budget you desire.

Do you supply catering equipment?

We are a food service design and project delivery specialist. We do not supply any equipment directly and therefore we remain entirely independent.


For Consultancy customers, we can recommend companies for you to contact directly or offer a tender service that will analyse the market place for you.


We may be a limited company, but we remain small enough that we don't need to charge VAT. This means any quotation you receive is the price you pay, there's nothing else to add. 

Put simply, if you are looking for an asset to your organisation, who will listen and deliver solutions; maybe it's time you tried us?

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